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Our Mission

Create hype with your target audience.

We know what people are looking for when they scroll their Social Media feed, and we know how to use your data to create content that they would be interested in.

Our Story

Digital Hype specializes in providing digital marketing solutions for companies and organizations in the technology, hitech, finance and medical fields.

Our speciality is taking raw and complex data from our clients and transforming them into media tailored to our target audience in the platforms we publish at. 

Our excellent team has extensive experience working with medical texts, technical specifications, blog posts, financial releases and other forms of raw and complicated data. 

We use that data to create engaging posts in all popular platforms including Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others.

In short - give us your tomatoes, we will turn them into lemonade :)

Tal Antebi Luz has MBA Specializing in Marketing and B.A in Communication, Journalism and Political Science both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

After managing the digital marketing in a leading Israeli PR company specializes in high tech, startups and technology she founded Digital Hype.


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